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Two Face

Two Face
in The Dark Knight

Another Dark Knight Hot Toys figure Harvey Dent (Two Face). Now hot on the heels of both the Bat Pod and Bank Robber Joker (BRJ) comes everybody’s favourite DA, Mr Harvey Dent, the good man turned bad, but not just your average fall from grace. Two-Face was once Harvey Dent, the clean-cut district attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman.

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian."

―Harvey Dent



Harvey Dent was Gotham City's District Attorney. He earns the name of Gotham City's White Knight. He gets disfigured in an explosion and manipulated by the Joker, turning him into the villainous Two-Face. He is portrayed by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight.

Yulli’s work once again shines. She is credited on the back of the box as prototype sculptor, but when this figure was first announced it was said that the scarred side was by an ‘un-named’ sculptor, I’m sure some contractual legality has led to this statement, or perhaps Yulli didn’t want to take the heat of a fan-boy backlash (those fan boys can be quite the pedants don’t you know). But whoever did it I’m impressed by every sculpted element of this figure. For Harvey Dent DA mode you get the extra ‘undamaged’ jacket, they even have working inside chest pockets on both sides, pure quality.


You might find that when wearing his ‘damaged’ jacket it restricts his arm mobility a little and the material used to mimic the burnt and scorched fabric is quite thick, but Harvey was never that much of an action-man, and most will just want to find a general pensive looking stance, and for that this figure is more than capable. Harvey uses the ‘true type’. It’s the best base generic body out there right now, it stands like a dream and showcases Hot Toys masterful tailoring perfectly, as my wife once said ‘it just looks like a little man’, well that’s the idea.

The Two face head seems to utilise half of the previous sculpt, I’ve scrutinised it pretty closely and every aspect from his dimpled chin to the fall of his hair is exactly the same. The hair parting is moved over slightly to make way for the scarred scalp which blends down into his disfigured face this shows some great anatomical work on the eyeball and especially on the exposed muscles and sinews around his teeth and gums. Not as ‘comic book’ as the Tommy Lee Jones version but neither was it too Grey’s anatomy as far-fetched and ghoulish as the floating eyeball is, along with the exposed teeth and flashes of bone it just give the right look to this character, and shows enough hard core damage.


Comes with 4 different hands, two in a relaxed position and one newly sculpted gun grip for his revolver and a specially designed hand for holding the eddy biddy badge and coins he comes with, and as tiny as they are the coins are all sculpted and the button badge even has a pin sculpted on the back, so all in all the addition of the extra head gives you so much more opportunity for swapping characters this just has to be full marks.

Mr Dent comes with some of the tiniest accessories to date, but all very specific to his character… sorry, characters. We get two tiny double-sided coins, expertly sculpted at this scale (handy as you’re bound to lose one!), a tiny campaign badge emblazoned with ‘I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT’, and they even modelled a miniscule pin on the reverse. He also comes with a revolver, the chamber can flip out and the hammer cocked (it’s the same one that came with the Michael Scofield ‘spec-ed’ Prison Break figure), then there’s the stand, which is nice as it has the TDK logo and character name, but I never use them.

And lastly there’s the extra un-burnt Harvey Dent head and jacket, these are the key items keeping the score so high. As nice as the coins, badge and gun are, it’s the ability to swap this figure between his two alter egos’ that deserve all the praise. More ‘casual’ collector have the allure of Bats or the Joker. This figure is more for your hard-core 1/6 collector or serious Batman fan, and as such HT have rewarded us with a figure that doesn’t skimp on quality, and whilst not as laden with accessories as the recent BR Joker, that extra head goes a long way in clawing back a few extra Brownie points.  

Where To Buy

You can get this for $175 from DC Direct, alternatively you can use one of Michaels sponsors below or go to eBay where he’s going in the $140 to $185 bracket.

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